KnowledgeQuest Associates

KnowledgeQuest is a new media design and learning resources development company, founded in 1996.


Urban Mining Handbook


Urban Mining - Song, Video & Handbook for Educators

KnowledgeQuest Associates is proud to have been the concept consultant and education writer for Urban Mining, an environment education handbook. "The song Urban Mining serves as the learning framework for this handbook. By exploring the lyrics, students will develop an understanding of the power of recycling to build sustainable societies. The handbook makes connections between reducing C02 pollution, climate change and ocean protection. Each verse of the song is supported with a short informative science reading, a colorful comic, illustrations, and two collections of learning activities. 'Things to Think About' contains ideas for connecting students to concepts in the lyrics and readings. 'Things to Do' offers ideas for ex- tending student learning to find real-world solutions to green issues in their classroom, school, home and neighbourhood. As students learn, their sense of developing personal responsibility and social engagement will strengthen their hope for the future. The Urban Mining project has grown from the belief that it is our collective intelligence and human creativity that will find solutions to our challenges, and that the voices of our youngest citizens con- tribute vital messages and ideas."


Landfill Blues - Song, Video & Handbook for Educators

KnowledgeQuest Associates acted as educational consultants for the successful publication of the environmental education handbook Landfill Blues, an online " resource that is designed to help teachers educate about topics such as recycling, ecological footprint, life cycles and habitats and much more. It includes science articles and sparks (activities) that are linked to song lyrics and help fulfill prescribed learning outcomes in science and social studies for BC curricula. The handbook and companion video support cross-curriculum sustainability education and ecological literacy."

Greggs Furniture and Upholstery

Greggs Furniture & Upholstery

Greggs Furniture & Upholstery store is a well respected Victoria tradition for over fifty years. This web site highlighted their custom furniture, craftsman-standard upholstery, furniture redesign, fine fabric selections and window treatments.


University of Victoria Faculaty Association

University of Victoria Faculty Association

This web site was designed and created to support the Faculty Association which currently has about 840 Faculty Members, includimg Faculty Members, Professional Librarians, and Senior Instructors. "The Association is a member of the provincial organization CUFA/BC (Confederation of University Faculty Associations of British Columbia) located in Vancouver and also a member of the national organization CAUT(Canadian Association of University Teachers, located in Ottawa. The UVic Faculty Association represents its members in negotiations with the Administration and Board of Governors in all matters regarding salaries, terms and conditions of appointment including tenure, promotion, re-appointment and leave, and exists to provide individual members with aid and information in those matters within its purview."

Strategic Biomedical Consultants

Strategic Biomedical Consultants

"Strategic Biomedical Consultants (SBC) is a seasoned professional consulting service spanning a broad array of biomedical technologies:

• Medical devices, including an unparalleled background in drug/device convergence;
• Pharmaceuticals, both small molecules and biologics;
• Biomaterials, from simple to bioactive to drug-loaded; and,
• Diagnostics"

Vancouver Island Marine Maintainence

Vancouver Island Marine Maintainence - Sail & Boat Top Cleaning Experts

"At Vancouver Island Marine Maintenance we take pride in the quality of our work. We are specialists in cleaning all types of sail cloth, boat tops, awnings and canvases. We can aqua block your freshly cleaned boat top or awning so it will repel water like new again! We also clean and waterproof Bimini Tops, Sail Covers, Boat Covers and Awnings."

Heritage Oak Bay

Heritage Oak Bay

With over one hundred and twenty pages of information and photographs, the Heritage Oak Bay website was designed to commemorate and preserve the history of Oak Bay. Oak Bay is a municipality located in Victoria, BC, Canada.

Make a Weather Station, Create a Weather Network!

Handmade Science: Make a Weather Station, Create a Weather Network

"What is one of the best ways to discover the secrets of weather? Make a weather Station! If you are a young person, the weather station toolkit in this book shows you how to build a homemade weather station using ordinary, inexpensive materials.

If you are an educator, the teacher's guide in this book offers all the lessons, resources and activities you need to teach the main ingredients of weather, ways weather is recorded, how to make instruments to measure the weather, and so much more. The book includes everything need to teach hours of lessons.



"Learn a foreign language with music!
Enjoy music from around the world in the language you wish to master,
while you build your vocabulary, grammar, listening and comprehension skills. It's as simple as 1, 2 3."

This was a demo website made to show how an interactive musical site could teach languages to college students.

Discovery Science Learning

Discovery Science Learning

"Discovery Science Learning is a working partnership of hands-on scientists and dedicated classroom teachers. Discovery Science Learning creates innovative science education resources for schools. Our products inspire students to question, explore, create and work together, and assist educators to make science class and unforgettable, wonder-filled experience."


A web site gallery presenting the visionary poetry, writing and illuminated manuscripts of poet and artist Stephen Berer.

Oak Bay Centennial

Official web site for Oak Bay Municipality's Centennial Year

Weather Science Lessons & Activities

Destination Discovery: The Weather Zone - A Science Teaching Kit

"A complete package of lessons and learning resources created with the classroom teacher in mind. The Weather Zone teaching kit consists of eight, easy to use, one-and two-part lessons that can be completed in fourteen classroom sessions. It is a thoughtfully-planned and practical teaching kit that offers scientifically sound lessons, overheads, basic facts, explanations and much, much more!

No matter what your previous comfort levels with teaching science topics, this inexpensive 110 page kit will provide you with effective tools to maximize your teaching and preparation time and your students' learning outcomes!"

Terry Attard Photography


Terry Attard: Photography

"Professional nature photographer Terry Attard has been creating stunning images of the natural world since 1978. The camera is Attard’s voice, the medium which allows him to create powerful and tender statements about our beautiful and fragile earth. Attard has widely photographed America. His visits to Yellowstone, Glacier and Mt. Rainier National Parks have resulted in dazzling nature photographs..."

Major Conrad Flapps

Major Conrad Flapps - The World's Only Human Airplane!

The web site for Major Conrad Flapps, a dashing, grinning aviator clown, complete with red nose and 8 foot long flying scarf. The outrageous fun begins as he enlists audience members as his flight crew on stage.

Oak Bay Community Corner

Aa virtual town square where the Oak Bay community met to share community events and celebrate the places, people and things that make Oak Bay such a special village.

Turning Points Counselling Services

Turning Point Counselling Services

Professional, respectful, and confidential counselling services for children, youth, adults and families.
A special KnowledgeQuest one page "Web Poster".

The Gorge Wood Condo

"The Gorge Wood Condo is a fully furnished luxury condo with two bedrroms and two baths. It is situated on rolling greens in a peaceful residential complex at the first tee of the Gorge Vale Golfing Club. Golfing here is year round..."

Holocaust Education Resource

The HopeSite

This web site for the Victoria Holocaust Remembrance and Education Society has been visited by tens of thousands of people from over 50 countires, . The focus of the site is Holocaust education and remembrance. A highlight of this educational site is a collection of digital video clips of Holocaust survivors speaking to high school students.

OKeeffe's Garage

O'Keeffe's Automotive

A web site for the automotive service garage of O'Keeffe's Automotive Ltd. of Oak Bay, Victoria, Canada.

Course Materials for the Entrepreneurial Learning Foundation


"Students Seek Solutions - Learning From Real Business Challenges"

KnowledgeQuest conceived, designed and wrote this comprehensive course for The Entrepreneurial Learning Foundation. The innovative educational program partners students and teachers from Middle to High School with successful business people to explore and overcome real life business challenges. As they work to together, students gain experience in problem solving, communication, team work, and creativity. The educational materials included with the course contains over 100 pages of lesson plans, assessment materials, learning resources, and more.

Interactive Ecducational CD

Base Station Safari CD

Content development and educational design for the innovative science education CD "Base Station Safari".