Who founded
KnowledgeQuest Associates?



Steven Toleikis (B.Sc., Dip. Ed., M.A.), the founder and owner of KnowledgeQuest, is an educational leader with a reputation for excellence. His more than 35 active years of experience has been in progressive teaching with a variety of student populations, in consulting and in administration. He is a communicator who believes strongly in forging collaborative solutions to complex issues, in motivating and leading teams, and in facilitating educational innovation.

He is a seasoned trail blazer in the integration of media and the arts into school settings. Toleikis’ educational practice is focused on empowering students in exploration and learning, resulting in a highly regarded, inclusive classroom, characterized by student centered and project-based learning, and integrated curricula, all within a framework of the productive use of 21st-century technology and community involvement. Recenlty characterized as a "master teacher" by a provincial education miinister, he has won a national award and has been highlighted in a teacher training film.

Toleikis is an established creator of learning resources including, for example,two science education books for teachers, a complete course for the Entrepreneurial Learning Foundation, a comprehensive set of lesson plans and learning resources for the BC Ministry of Education, an interactive educational CD and, while acting as the lead director, the making five student-made graphic novels.

He has also conducted original educational research. He developed and tested a constructive teaching model and he investigated ways in which special educators understand learning and teaching. He is known as an engaging public speaker.


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